European Poker

The European Poker Tour Season 8 ended with Fredrik Jensenâ € ™ s victory on Saturday. The event was held in the beautiful city of Madrid in the Casino Gran Madrid and started last Monday.

The Jensen much happier to take home with him â, ¬ 495,000 and EPT title found expressing a newfound joy Pokernews, â € œIt is very definitely a different feel to the next second, you can make more . But this feelingâ € | nothing beats it.â €? Hereâ € ™ sa look at the highlights during the event, the struggles: cables and disappointments. Day 1

Some 125 players showed up on day 1 among which Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko, Henrique Pinho, Toni Judet, Arnaud Mattern and many others like David Gent, Barny Boatman, Dermot Blain and Alain Roy survive their way through. New players were presented at Day1 making a grand total of 477 players: a summary of the indices of the two phases of day 1, created a prize of € 2,313,450 and competed for the first hard cash of € 545,000. Day 2

Juan Navarrete started the day as chip leader with 173,200 chips. Mike McDonald had a glorious end with 409,800 chips and Frederik Jensen cleverly followed with 404,500 chips. Of the Team PokerStars Pros only four poker pros, namely Johnny Lodden, Angel Guillen, Henrique Pinho and Alex Kravchenko could advance with special mention Day3 Lodden who happened towards the end. Day 3

The highlight of the day was a battle between consumption and Joao Paulo Simao who took advantage Ilan Boujaneh shift, engaged in a struggle with the enigma deployed rich and Simao shone with the largest piece of 1.973 million and finished chips day as the chip leader. Unfortunately, members of Team PokerStars Pro crashed at the end of the day and not be part of the line of 24 players who came to Day4

The day was filled with civility, as some prominent names went up and down all day. Some who could not help out were Yury Gulyy, day opener Joao Paulo Simao, Taylor Paur and some other notables.

Day 5 The end decided the champion of EPT Season 8, Frederik Jensen had ingenuity displayed in a one to one battle against Fraser MacIntyre and humbly inscribed in the history of the EPT Champions.